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"Face it- Abortion Kills!!!"

The other day I was walking downtown and all these old Christians were waving around these American flags and abortion kills banners infront of Planned Parenthood. As I walked past them they looked at me like I was insane, and they all said, "Hello young man, God Bless". The cultlike atmosphere there was pretty thick and icky. I was rather suprised that they didnt shove a tract into my face.

The obvious image they're trying to send is that abortion is anti-American. Yeah, freedom of choice man, that's totally not what this country is supposed to be about. I fully accept and agknowldege their right to protest and all that jazz, but it sure does trigger my vomit button when I see them.

At the very least I would like to hear more anti-abortionists speak facts. Instead of babaling about fucking Jesus, why not say, "This is murder and I feel it is immorral." at least then I could look at the person without wanting to hurl. It's a difference of opinion. But when you get the bullshit "God says this is bad, so be a good little christian" stuff I really have no respect for them.

Also, why do all these folks seem to think that most abortions are performed on full grown babies? No legal abortions are preformed in this country that late into the pregnancy unless it's due to serious health risks. Normally the "baby" is like the size of a pea or so, maybe a bit bigger. If you ripped it out then it could not live. It isn't developed. Does it have the potential to grow and become living? yes, of course. But the image that most abortions are done of more or less full grown infants is just silly.
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