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Cum Cum Yum Yum

Today Distorria and I went out to put down the deposit on the moving truck, which was $150. The total cost will be more than we expected, $300, but we'll get half of that back when we return the truck. When we were in the area we stopped by China Buffet. I fucking love that place. Sadly, it will be our last time eating there for awhile, maybe our last time ever, as we'll be moving in two weeks. It's not that long, but it seems like it's taking forever.

I fucking hate this apartment now. It's so gross. for some reason it's very moldy here. you cant set anything down without it growing mold. The keyboard and the speakers of our old mac even has mold on it! It's disgusting. The majority of the mold is in the beedroom, and as a result, we've been sleeping in the living room the past few days. We need to wash our blankets soon, as they are rather nasty too, but not too bad.

As if the mold wasnt reason enough to move, there is some weird electrical problem. In the bedroom, where i usually recorded music, there was some type of electrical charge that went through our mixer and my guitar. It actually blew out two of our guitars. I needed to get a goo dleft handed guitar anyway. That's all I feel like posting for now, so I'll leave you with these words of wisom from my kid brother ricky:

"They had gay people back in 1995?"

Yes, the 11 year old kid really did say that.
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