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Subjects suck

Went to the cleaning job today. Worked for two hours or so, then got sent home early cause they didn't need me anymore. I got caught in the rain, soaked the fuck out of myself. I managed to get a bus most of the way back, though I was 100% drenched by then.

On the goodside, I might be able to get some work with them on Wednesday. I hate the lack of stablity that freelance work entails. I'm going to start trying to get a steady job within the next few days. I just sent out some emails to some possible employers.

Other than that, I've been editing my new poetry collection, which I decided to call time is a bastard. I'm going to releice it on LULU, for right now at least. IT'll be out probably some time next month, as I'm a lazy cunt.

I totally need to do some stuff for odium and some reviews for I'll try to do that.
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