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Belated 2006 retrospective

I've been thinking about what experiences and events I valued the most about last year, and here's the list, in totally random order:

1. Moving to Columbus
2. Visiting Victoria/ playing the NOISE! Fest
3. Actually being able to land a normal job
4. Quitting said job
5. Releasing the recordings out on Roil Noise and Noise-Joy
6. Getting jumped (it made me understand myself a bit more)
7. Almost getting jumped/robbed with Distorria (made me understand more about myself in relation to her)
8. Going to Trauma 2006
9. Meeting Alyssa Sturgil
10. Meeting/ jamming with David Thorne
11. Another year with Distorria, which is an event in and of itself, considering how psychotic we both are.
12. Cutting my longass hair after 4 years and immediately regretting it.
13. Finally finishing and releasing Time is a Bastard!
14. Being able to sell some of my art on Ebay
13. Meeting the nudist guy (confirmed notions in my head)
14. Auditioning for the strip club (made me realize a bit about myself)

There's a bit more, but those were the main highlights I could think of, sadly. I'm hoping I'll focre myself to do more this year. So far it's starting off better.
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