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random thoughts at 2 am

Distorria and I played a show the other day at the Legion of Doom. Twas a good time. I dig the Legion. I went there yesterday and hung out with jimmy and then came back later and watched most of the japanther show, which was also cool. Cool dude for sure....

I want to do the whole punk house thing myself at some point in time. I think Distorria and I both need to be in close proximity with other people in order to really grow. Maybe when we move to Seattle we'll be able to find a cool house or something.....

Feeling kind of bummed out for no real reason, the lethargy of life is getting to me I guess.

I released a short mp3 album on Noise-Joy. It's called "Kurt Killed Courtney". I have a new dark ambient release coming out soon too on Enough Records. I'll link to it when It's done.

I'm starting my first day of training at Kroger's tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it, it's kind of pathetic...

That's all for now.
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