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Kill Kill Kill

9 August 1986
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My name is Royce. I am a writer/ filmmaker/artist/ photographer/ musician. What I do artistically is a huge portion of my life and personality. I've released two chapbooks and I'm currently finishing two poetry collections. My website is SkullVomit.com, though I don't update it much.

I edit the zine Drowning in Odium, and I co-edit Corpsefuck.com. I used to edt the now more or less defunct zine Idiot's Manifesto as well. I have been involved in various musical projects, most notably my solo industrial/ noise project F.U.S. and the bands Gimp and Quim as well as TVkill. I also write for Industrial.org on a regular basis. I make really short horror and experimental films too and plan on making feature length films when I can afford a good DV camera.

I'm pretty uncomfortable around most people. I'm an outsider, and I always have been, and as a result, I have very few friends. I'm also very misanthropic, but I try to be as nice as I can. I love watching horror, cult and exploitation films, and reading good books when I have the time (sadly, I'm a VERY slow reader). I don't do drugs but I'm not a preachy asshole to those that do. I'm a LaVeyan Satanist/ Atheist. I'm not very keen to religion, or any other bullshit ideologies that come close to religion. I hate fundamentalist idiots of all kinds, whatever their beliefs are. I fucking hate proselytizers, regardless of what it is you're trying to pimp. I'm not intolerant of different beliefs, but if you'd like to interact with me I'd prefer if you actually have some similiar interests. I'm a dick, but I try to be a nice dick.

All in all I'm a very liberal person. By "Liberal", I mean that I believe heavily in freedom of speech, and freedom in general. I think people should be free to do and say anything they want to, to live any fucking way they wish, as long as they aren't infringing on anyone's rights to do the same. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. That more or less sums up my political viewpoints. if you want to contact me email me at facelessidiot(at)gmail.com. I like communicating with other people, and I will respond.

www.skullvomit.com (My Website)
www.drowningodium.com (fetish/ dark art/ satanic zine I edit)
www.corpsefuck.com (extreme fiction site I co-edit)
www.godlessbitch.com/im/ (dada/gore poetry zine i used to edit)
www.industrial.org (music rag I write for)