royce_icon (royce_icon) wrote,

"Eat my zombie Pussy!"

I got the job I talked about in my last post. I'll be starting on Monday if everything goes right.

Alyssa fucking Sturgill has been staying at our house the fast few days, which is pretty spiffy. We've all spent the last few days bullshitting and watching movies.

Speaking of movies, there is a video store down the street from us that fucking rules. They have all sorts of cult, horror and exploitation flicks. I just renter Sick Girl from them, and Re-Penitrator, both of which I'd wanted to see forever. Sick Girl ruled, but RP was kind of disappointing. The highlight was the "eat my zombie pussy!" line. That kinda sums it up. I think I'll write some reviews of those and put them on odium at some point.

That's about it I guess.
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